Who’s Jimmy?

  • My Better Half? Megan is the smartest person I know and the hardest worker. She challenges me to be a better human, and there’s no greater joy than making her laugh at one of my dumb jokes.
  • My Mini Me’s? My two energetic boys, Isaac and Ian. They’re my world in miniature form.

My Family

  • Day Job? Telling stories and solving problems at Bullseye Total Media.
  • My Heroes? My grandfather, Fred Rogers, Leonardo from the Ninja Turtles, and Ted Lasso.
  • Previous Gig? Spreading wisdom as a pastor. Big on life, faith, and leading with generosity.
  • Love Language? Hugs! I’m a big fan of a good, warm hug. And words of affirmation. I’ll take quality time, too. Just love me, okay?
  • Learning Mode? Always on. I’m a big dude with an even bigger curiosity for knowledge.
  • Perfect Evening? Low-key hangouts, games, and chats about life with my people.

My People

  • TV Time? What’s that? My home’s a nonstop loop of Mr. Beast and Blippi videos, thanks to my boys (7 and 2).
  • Personality? Enneagram 4. Clifton Strengths: Individualization, Developer, Arranger, Ideation, Strategic. Yep, I’m unique. Or, weird. All about perspective!
  • Sports Fan? Lifelong Ohio State fan. If you yell “O-H,” I will never not yell “I-O!” Cincinatti Reds. Cleveland Cavs. Thundering Herd. I cheer for whoever is playing the Baltimore Ravens.
  • Family Tradition? Cheering for the Thundering Herd at Marshall football, soccer, and basketball (men’s and women’s) games. #OneOfTheHerd

The Herd

  • Life Philosophy? Kindness rules. There’s a difference between “being nice” and “being kind.” Ask questions. Be curious. Love people.
  • My First Love? Basketball. Used to be decent at hoops, now I’m pretty good at watching.
  • Jack of All Trades? Guilty as charged. And I’ve had some quirky phases (sorry about the harmonica phase, Meg! And the guitar phase. The drone phase. Cricuit phase, Perler bead phase, 3D printer phase. Laser cutter phase…you get the idea.).
  • Mentors? Never had one (although, I’ve learned more from Jenette Williams than anyone else I’ve worked with), but I’m here to help others reach their potential in any way I can.

Jenette Williams is the Goat!

  • Thought Process? Verbal processor here. A million thoughts…talking it out helps me make sense of them.
  • Why Write? It’s my way of talking through the maze of my mind. Plus, it’s less weird than talking to myself!
  • Leadership Huntington Proud member of the inaugural Leadership Huntington Class with the Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce. I’ve met some of the best humans through the experience.

Leadership Huntington

The “Professional” Bio

Jimmy Lemon, Bullseye Total Media

Jimmy serves as the Chief Operations Officer at Bullseye Total Media, a full-service advertising agency in Huntington, WV. Currently, at Bullseye, he focuses on optimizing organizational processes and systems while specializing in Website Design and Development and Social Media management.

Jimmy and the Bullseye team work to take the pain out of advertising for their clients through their expertise in storytelling and problem-solving. Prior to joining Bullseye, Jimmy served as a pastor at C3 Church in South Point, Ohio.

Jimmy holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Specialized Studies in Graphic Design and Communication from Ohio University and Pastoral Studies from Cedarville University.

Bullseye Total Media

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