2024 New Years Resolutions

2024 New Years Resolutions

Published: 12/31/2023

Some people look down on New Year’s Resolutions. If that’s you, keep moving on because I think that’s a silly take. There’s never a bad time to set goals to help you become the person you really want to become or live the life you really want to live. Here are a few of my resolutions for the upcoming year!

Personal and Family Goals

  1. Eat at Backyard Pizza 12 Times

    • Lets start with the most important…aim to dine at Backyard Pizza 12 times this year. Anything less would be a disappointment.
  2. Read 20 Books

    • Focus on reading 20 books throughout the year to reignite my love for reading. Twelve books seemed too few, while twenty-four felt overly ambitious. Twenty strikes a perfect balance.
  3. More Sporting Events for My Boys

    • Attend a variety of sporting events with my boys, including Reds games, minor league baseball, Blue Jackets, Marshall at OSU, and MLS matches (Crew or FC Cincinnati), as well as as many Marshall football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and softball games as possible.

Health and Fitness

  1. Close Apple Watch Activity Rings 225 Times

    • Close my Apple Watch activity rings at least 225 times. While the ideal target is 366, this goal allows for flexibility.
  2. Workout 100+ Times & Go for 100+ Runs

    • Significantly increase my fitness activities by working out and running over 150 times each, up from…well, a real low number in 2023.
  3. Get Some Sleep

    • Establish a consistent sleep schedule, aiming for 6-8 hours per night, and track my sleep patterns using my watch.
  4. Eat More Mindfully

    • Track my eating habits for over 150 days to become more mindful and address emotional binge eating.

Professional and Creative Pursuits

  1. Start a Master’s Program

    • Begin a Master’s program, a long-held goal of mine. Although there’s no immediate financial benefit, the personal achievement is the main motivator.
  2. Write 50+ Blog Posts

    • Commit to writing over 50 blog posts this year. While I’m aiming to write three days a week for my mental well-being, I’m open to combining some of these times into less posts.
  3. Build 40 Websites at Bullseye

    • Exceed our past record at Bullseye by building over 40 high-quality websites for local small businesses and organizations.
  4. Complete a DIY Project

    • Finish at least one DIY project, such as a neon LED sign, mini arcade, or custom-built Christmas lights. It’s time to turn these exciting ideas into reality.
  5. 6 ‘Fun’ Web Projects

    • It has been enjoyable to work on this blog because I have gotten to learn something new. It’s not perfect, but it’s helped me get back to building for the web as a fun hobby. Create six web projects purely for fun, learning new skills along the way. Extra points for projects made with or for my kids.

Social and Community

  1. Play a Board Game 12 Times

    • I like playing board games. I like hanging with people. A once per month clip would make me happy.
  2. Keep up with Laundry

    • Maintain a regular laundry schedule to prevent it from becoming overwhelming. The goal is to keep laundry manageable and fun.
  3. Write 52 Encouragement Notes

    • A thank you card. A letter expressing my gratitude. Encouraging someone who needs it. I want to physically write a note once per week to someone I know.

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