A little change of office scenery 📦

A little change of office scenery 📦

Published: 02/11/2024

I moved offices this week.\ It was exhausting.

I found it challenging to get work done with all my professional belongings scattered throughout our office hallway for the better part of the week.

Not only was I physically moving my computer and other items to another room, but I also took the opportunity to purge things that I didn’t necessarily need.

It’s astonishing how much stuff you accumulate over 4 years. I ended up throwing away multiple bags and a couple of boxes of trash.

It’s wild how much your office becomes your home away from home (for good or bad).

Even simple things, like my desk—which is exactly the same as the one I’ve had for nearly half a decade—are throwing me off. It sits at the opposite orientation, and I can’t figure out where to rest my arms while typing.

However, as I start to hang things on the wall and clear out the clutter, I’m looking forward to a fresh start.

After 4 years in the same office, a little change of scenery might be good for me!

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