Support Local

Support Local

Published: 10/3/2023

Integrity (noun): The quality of consistently aligning one’s words and actions with honesty, truthfulness, and moral principles, demonstrating trustworthiness and reliability in character.

In other words: put your money where your mouth is! 💰💬

Something that has irked me for a while are those who talk the talk about supporting our local community but then, well, they don’t quite walk the walk.

Some champion the idea of revitalizing our community, and I’m all in for that! 🌟 But when it’s time to spruce up their website, they opt for big-name platforms instead of one of our talented local web designers. Isn’t that a bit like preaching “buy local” while filling up your cart at Walmart? 🛒🏢

Or what about those who rave about how incredible our area is to live, work, and play, yet they hire out-of-state groups to create promotional videos? It’s like saying, “Our backyard is amazing, but we need someone from halfway across the country to tell us why!” 🌄🎥

Let’s be clear; I’m not suggesting everyone should work with Bullseye for advertising. There are plenty of other capable LOCAL agencies and LOCAL individuals who might be a better fit. These are just the areas I know well, and I’m sure it applies across all industries.

Megan and I consciously choose to support local restaurants, clothing stores, barber shops, and other small businesses whenever we can. We get it; running a small business or a nonprofit is no walk in the park. In fact, I work at a small local business and work with dozens of others every single day. I spent over a decade working at a local outreach focused church. I get it. Time and money can be tight sometimes.

I’m just incredibly passionate about this place we call home. I genuinely believe that together, we can make a significant impact by supporting local businesses, artists, and talent. I do not believe that people purposefully neglect supporting local, I think it’s just easy to get caught up with what’s cheap and easy when you’re working hard to make sure ends meet.

I just think we can strive to be a little better at practicing what we preach when we talk about supporting and promoting our area.

Let’s invest in our community - in each other - and watch us grow. 🌱💪 #SupportLocal #CommunityMatters #Integrity #WalkTheTalk

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